M&A Merger and Acquisition advisory services 
CFI AG’s Merger and Acquisition experts believe that the keys to successful deals are:
• Clear logic to identify targets or potential buyers
• M&A strategy to determine where value can be added to both seller and buyer sizes 
Based on our strong presence throughout the European Union and its surrounding countries CFI AG focus on assisting mid-sized, family-owned and owner-managed businesses in their domestic and cross border M&A operations. 

M&A Sell-Side Process
The motivations for selling a business can be various; however, the key to a successful sale is the preparation process.
Our CFI AG M&A specialists have the required insight and experience to assist the client through the necessary steps.
An action plan, outlining the deal milestones, is the outcome of a face-to-face meeting with our expertise which will also support in providing the appropriate documentations that will be presented to the prospective buyers.
Our extensive network will compile a list of financial or strategic buyers according to the client’s objectives.
Once we outreach the buyer, CFI AG team will conduct financial, legal and negotiation steps to close the deal while the seller can focus on running the business.

M&A Buy-Side Process
Small and medium sized companies’ diversification strategy enables firms to accelerate growth, intensify competitiveness, enlarge existing product lines and enter into new geographic areas and market segments. 
M&A deals play a key role in achieving corporate goals and objectives involved in the external acquisition of assets and resources.
CFI AG will focus on creating a bespoken strategy in order to successfully acquire the potential seller by outlining the targeted industries and clarify the criteria that will be used to evaluate candidates.
Our team will analyse the prospective company according to buyer’s criteria and assemble a profile for the optimal target to illustrate its size, sector, special characteristics, financial position and geographical location.
CFI AG clients will benefit from accessing to database and our international JPA network to outreach a potential seller.
Once the client will agree on an optimal seller, CFI AG will be in charge of the negotiation process and will define the conditions of the transaction. 

CFI AG’s sectors of operation:

  • Accessorizes Production
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Building Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Diet Food Productions
  • Digital Communication
  • Dried Food Products
  • Electronic Labels
  • Gas and Electricity
  • Hotels, Accommodation
  • Land transport
  • Manufacture of metal products
  • Manufacture of plastic products
  • Manufacture of wood frames
  • Manufacture of electric sweepers/washers
  • Photovoltaic
  • Plastic Packaging Elements
  • Radiology Centers
  • Telecommunication and Broadcasting
  • Textile
  • Tiles, kitchen and bathrooms distributor